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Finally an offline-enabled mobile app with all of the features from! Use this app to study for your US Amateur Radio License. Designed and written by hams with volunteer examiner experience and Sponsored by Icom, this is not your typical study app -- most study apps will focus on practice exams, which is somewhat like studying for your math test by throwing darts at your textbook. Though HamStudy is not a full instructional tool our app is focussed on providing you with the tools you need to study the parts of the question pool that you most need to see. Our intelligent Study Mode tracks your progress as you move through the pool, providing you with full statistics on what you've seen and giving you the visibility into where you need to study. It will automatically repeat questions as needed. When you don't understand something you can tap the "explain" button to view an explanation of the question. Practice Exams make it easy to see how close you are to passing and see what areas to focus on in Study Mode. Share your progress with your friends or instructor and study together! * Study *all* current US Amateur Radio question pools (Technician, General, Amateur Extra) -- updates can be downloaded for free when they become available. Additional pools, such as the FCC commercial pools and the Canadian pools, are also available for download in the app. * This app is not a study guide, it is a directed study tool centered around the questions; there are explanations contributed by users for most pools which do help in learning, but some users may want to pair the app with a study manual to get the most out of both. * HamStudy's revolutionary Study Modes work with you to ensure you learn the questions; they automatically track your progress and adjust the pace to keep you challenged but not frustrated. User-submitted explanations help you avoid the pitfall of just memorizing answers. Synchronize with your online account to prevent data loss and be able to switch devices easily. * Share your progress with other users and help each other keep progressing towards that next license exam!

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Unlike Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 this provides a way to play everything for free. We have updated our applications of a lot. This way we make sure you have the latest versions of Get android apk now.

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Compared to SpellForce: Heroes & Magic, the sources of are not all over the place, yet. We have mostly, dropbox and Google Drive urls to apks. You can use Dropbox downloads without verification.

Download .apk Verified safe to download...

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Searching for apk? We have version (1.4.1).